Mokuhanga Shine $600.00
Your website guests will browse your product page several times before they buy. Give them a beautiful product page worth revisiting and sharing with friends.

Include These Two Elements on Every Product Page

1. An attractive product photo

Your product photo is the most important feature of your page. It’s the first thing a customer will notice, and the main thing they will remember over time as they consider a purchase.

The image you select also helps spread the word about your business. When a customer shares the page on social media the product shot will be displayed front-and-center.

2. An engaging product story

Your product description should go beyond the available colors or which materials were used to create it. The words you use can grab and hold your customers’ attention if you describe:

What your product can be used for
Who should be using your product
Why you created your product
How your product is different

When you take the time to use the right photo and story you create a product page that sells itself!
Total Price: $600.00
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